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Helmet, Staindrop Cavalry

Light Cavalry Helmet, Staindrop Cavalry, 1798-1815. This helmet is made of lacquered leather with a fur crest, red (now faded) cloth turban with gilt chains, and the Regimental title 'Staindrop Calvary' in thin metal above the peak. The Staindrop Gentlemen and Yeomanry was raised in 1798 by John Ingram of Staindrop, with a strength of 54 officers and men. In 1803, the Regiment changed its name to the Staindrop Volunteer Cavalry. It survived until 1815, when it became part of the Durham Yeomanry. This is a rare surviving example of Napoleonic Volunteer cavalry headdress from County Durham. For further reading, 'Faithful: The Story of The Durham Light Infantry' by S G P Ward (1962) provides an overview of the Napoleonic Volunteers in County Durham. Acc No: 1073

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