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Sword, Teesdale Volunteers

Officer's Sword, Teesdale Volunteer Infantry, 1800s. This 1796 pattern Infantry Officer's sword was owned by Captain Hugginson of Romaldkirk in Teesdale. It was made by 'Prosser of London' and has a gilt brass 'butterfly' hilt with silver wire grip and a blued and decorated steel blade. The sword knot is red (now faded) and the black leather scabbard has gilt brass fittings. The Teesdale Volunteer Infantry or Teesdale Volunteer Legion was raised in Barnard Castle in 1803 by Colonel Morritt of Rokeby Park, North Yorkshire, with a strength of 600 men in 11 companies. In 1809, the TVI became part of the 1st Durham Local Militia. For further reading, 'Faithful: The Story of The Durham Light Infantry' by S G P Ward (1962) provides an overview of the Napoleonic Volunteers in County Durham. Acc No: 1006

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