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  Date Place Type of Item
Castle Eden Dene (DRE461) c.1914 Castle Eden postcard
Cockerton, Newton Lane (DRE8238) c.1901-1920? Cockerton photograph
Cockerton, West Beck (DRE6357) 1972 Cockerton photograph
Darlington, West Brook (DRE7233) 1964 Darlington photograph
Eggleston, Blackton Bridge (DRE1703) c.1905 Eggleston postcard
Eggleston, Blackton Bridge (DRE7490) 1967 Eggleston photograph
Egglestone Abbey, ford and footbridge (DRE1702) c.1907 Barnard Castle postcard
High Force, Skeer's Beck (DRE1952) c.1900-1910 High Force postcard
Langdon Beck, Teesdale (DRE3256) c.1989-1991 Langdon Beck postcard
Langdon Beck, Teesdale (DRE3266) c.1985 Langdon Beck postcard
Low Allers, on Kielder Burn, near Cowshill (DRE3267) c.1983 Cowshill postcard
Middleton-in-Teesdale, Hudeshope Beck Bridge (DRE8617) c.1925 Middleton-in-Teesdale photograph
Seaham, Adam and Eve's Gardens, the beck (DRE4398) before 1900 Seaham photograph
Wolsingham, The Sills (DRE10355) c.1925 Wolsingham postcard
Wolsingham, The Sills (DRE3648) c.1925 Wolsingham postcard
Wolsingham, Waskerley Beck (DRE3258) c.1986 Wolsingham postcard

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