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  Date Place Type of Item
Annfield Plain, butcher's delivery cart (DRE301) c.1910? Annfield Plain photograph
Barnard Castle, Durham Militia, officers (DRE9807) 1860 Barnard Castle photograph
Binchester, Granville Terrace (DRE355) 1974 Binchester photograph
Chester-le-Street, Bridge End (DRE635) 1890-1895 Chester-le-Street photograph
Cocken Hall, 18th DLI, informal group (DRE9356) 1914 Cocken photograph
Cockerton, Silver Band (DRE8129) 1925 Cockerton photograph
Darlington Show, sheepdog trial (DRE10829) 1984 Darlington photograph
Darlington, Bondgate, Bowker's sweet shop (DRE8514) 1896 Darlington photograph
Darlington, Boy Scouts (DRE10028) c.1919 Darlington photograph
Darlington, Boy Scouts, with dog (DRE8501) 1914-1918 Darlington photograph
Darlington, Bridge Street, George's Square, yard (DRE6722) 1934 Darlington photograph
Darlington, Skinnergate, Uptons (DRE8710) c.1960 Darlington photograph
Durham City, Bluecoat School, builders (DRE7170) c.1910 Durham City photograph
Durham City, Durham Militia, Officers (DRE9899) c.1865 Durham City photograph
Easington, greyhound track (DRE4930) c.1930? Easington photograph
Ferryhill Station, Eldon Arms, with sign to Clarence Hotel (DRE3655) c.1914 Ferryhill Station postcard
Gainford, Selaby Hall, meet of foxhounds (DRE7119) c.1910? Gainford photograph
Gainford, Selaby Hall, meet of foxhounds (DRE7124) c.1910? Gainford photograph
Greyhound racing (DRE3661) 1936 unknown photograph
Lanchester, Front Street (DRE2713) c.1900-1910 Lanchester photograph
Low Coniscliffe, Darlington Boy Scouts and cubs (DRE10027) 1920 Low Coniscliffe photograph
Middleton One Row, meet of foxhounds (DRE7129) c.1910? Middleton One Row photograph
Neasham, meet of foxhounds (DRE7117) c.1914? Neasham photograph
Pelton Fell, Dinning family (DRE2617) 1914-1918 Pelton Fell photograph
Pelton Fell, two ladies of fashion (DRE1574) 1908 Pelton Fell photograph
Piercebridge, meet of foxhounds (DRE7118) c.1920? Piercebridge photograph
Raby Castle and foxhounds (DRE2015) date unknown Raby Castle postcard
Seaton Carew, beach with bathing machine (DRE9522) 1885-1890 Seaton Carew photograph
Seaton Carew, group on beach (DRE9518) 1885-1890 Seaton Carew photograph
Seaton Carew, harvesting potatoes (DRE9516) 1885-1890 Seaton Carew photograph
Seaton Carew, horsedrawn bathing machine (DRE9526) 1885-1890 Seaton Carew photograph
Seaton Carew, hurdy-gurdy man (DRE9653) 1885-1890 Seaton Carew photograph
Seaton Carew, selling kippers door to door (DRE9495) 1885-1890 Seaton Carew photograph
Seaton, Fern Bank (DRE2043) c.1902-1905 Seaton Carew postcard
Sedgefield, South Durham Hunt (DRE3251) c.1983 Sedgefield postcard
Sedgefield, South Durham Hunt (DRE4196) 1912 Sedgefield photograph
Sedgefield, South Durham Hunt, foxhounds (DRE3252) c.1989-1991 Sedgefield postcard
Sherburn Hospital, Jenny Ambler (DRE2104) c.1900-1910 Sherburn Hospital postcard
Sherburn Hospital, staff and servants (DRE2106) c.1900-1910 Sherburn Hospital postcard
South Moor, policemen (DRE4532) 1900 South Moor photograph
Stanhope, Weardale House School, headmistress (DRE3787) date unknown Stanhope photograph
Stanley, Fire Brigade (DRE4801) 1914 Stanley photograph
Stanley, Front Street and Board Schools (DRE1597) c.1907 Stanley postcard
Stanley, Imperial Hotel, charabanc trip (DRE4815) c.1920 Stanley photograph
Willington, portrait of two girls (DRE3696) 1920-1930 Willington photograph
Witton Gilbert, Prefabs (DRE7621) c.1951-1955 Witton Gilbert photograph
Wolsingham, Weardale Hounds (DRE3933) c.1960? Wolsingham photograph

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