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  Date Place Type of Item
Cowshill, general view c.1981 Cowshill postcard
Cowshill, view from south date unknown Cowshill photograph
Cowshill, village date unknown Cowshill photograph
Darlington, Central Secondary School, school trip 1952 Darlington photograph
Darlington, High Row, Pease's statue c.1913 Darlington postcard
Darlington, Ladies' Training College c.1915 Darlington postcard
Darlington, South Park, bandstand c.1925 Darlington postcard
Eastgate, general view c.1927 Eastgate postcard
Edmundbyers, haymaking 1956 Edmundbyers photograph
Edmundbyers, the Dene c.1915 Edmundbyers postcard
Eggleston, Teesdale from Folly Top 1958 Eggleston photograph
Ferryhill, All Saints RC Church c.1930 Ferryhill postcard
Ferryhill, St Luke's Church c.1907 Ferryhill postcard
Forest-in-Teesdale, Noon Hill and River Tees c.1905-1915 Forest-in-Teesdale postcard
High Cup Nick, near Appleby, Cumbria c.1905-1915 High Cup Nick postcard
Langdon Beck, Dubby Sike, prehistoric settlement 1984 Langdon Beck photograph
Langdon Beck, Teesdale c.1989-1991 Langdon Beck postcard
Langdon Beck, Teesdale c.1985 Langdon Beck postcard
Low Allers, on Kielder Burn, near Cowshill c.1983 Cowshill postcard
Low Moorsley Colliery c.1901 Low Moorsley photograph
Middleton One Row, The Front, Devonport Hotel c.1910? Middleton One Row postcard
Middleton-in-Teesdale, Heather Brae c.1920? Middleton-in-Teesdale photograph
Newbiggin in Teesdale, Stable Edge lime kiln 1980-1990 Newbiggin photograph
Rookhope, Boltsburn lead mine c.1901 Rookhope photograph
Rookhope, Boltsburn lead mine & general view date unknown Rookhope photograph
Rookhope, Boltsburn mine site c.1951-1955 Rookhope photograph
Rookhope, viaduct arch c.1961? Rookhope photograph
Spennymoor, King Street c.1912 Spennymoor postcard
Stanhope, Crawley Side c.1925-1930 Stanhope photograph
Stanhope, from the south west c.1922 Stanhope photograph
Tan Hill (Yorks.), drift mine 1931 Tan Hill postcard
Tan Hill (Yorks.), moorland road c.1930 Tan Hill photograph
Weardale, Cow Horse Hush c.1986 Cow Horse Hush postcard
Wearhead, Bridge End c.1906 Wearhead postcard
Wearhead, school and Burnhope valley 1900-1920 Wearhead photograph
Westgate, Middlehope Burn c.1983 Westgate postcard
Westgate, view from Peat Hill 1951-1955 Westgate photograph

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